Erwin turning the big two-O!

After much bickering and pulling out each other's hair on where to have this elusive dinner, we found ourselves in Tony Roma's, Sunway Pyramid! Yummy yummy....I've been there twice and the bbq ribs never taste anything short of lip smacking delicious:P anyways, for erwin and my parents who have never tried them before, let's just say that they were very satisfied patrons...haha....especially love the honey bbq sauce....
erwin hits 20!
and that's the delicious choc pudding icecream he got for free just becos it's his burfday!

erwin: "I dunno how to smile properly"
That's all we're eating? click

Chicken club salad- really huge portion!
the yummylicious bbq ribs

Rosemary chicken something - sorry it looks like that cos I only remembered to take the pic after we have devoured almost half of the chicken :P
I feel like a kid drinking from their enormous glass hehe
esther: Can anybody see my mouth?

Dress : mng
Cincher : mng
Necklace : diva

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