Let's get random...

Some random pics from the past week that I did not have the chance to post up....
This was what I wore to work last week....
an all black look, spiced up with an old purple scarfy thingy....
Top: Warehouse
Skirt: Niichi
Scarf: from another top

In one of the dressing rooms in Pyramid last Friday :P
Top: Niichi
Jeans: Mng
Shoes: Point B

This was where we went for dinner last Sun, Sambal Sushi in Puchong...
very interesting layout....and yes thats a hole on the wall :P
the sushi indeed have sambal in them....tasty too~
Can you tell how excited I am that Christmas is coming?
Finished decorating the tree and putting up the lights too hehe....:)
hmm, bear-bear is lurking in the corner of the pic...

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