My sunday....

What?! Sunday already and the night is almost over...sobs sobs....
Anyway, this is me today....I tidied up my closet a lil on Friday and unearthed this floral dress that I've worn only once since 2002? ( it has never seen daylight ever since cos I thought it made me look kinda pregnant, which is always a bad thing!! ....) anyway, thought that it's time to get it a second wearing and give it a more updated look with a cincher and a jacket...hopefully I don't look pregnant this time....:P

Jacket: Mom's hand me downs
Dress: Comma
Cincher: Elements

earrings: Vincci

and this is a frightening close up of the new earrings I wore today haha...yea I love ribboned bows in whatever shape they come in....and why does my hair look like dry hay? sigh...

After church and lunch which ended 3 plus, I slept most of the afternoon away.....and woke up when its time for dinner.....had dinner at Hassan's in Taipan, serving authentic Kelantanese food....however its really overpriced and the dishes a tad too salty....the ayam kampung goreng was ok, edible....hehe....I really miss the curry ayam kampung in Sri Devi's KB....who can tapau and bring it back to Subang for me??? so yummylicious....I miss it!

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