Daidomon, not Doraemon...

gosh, aren't you tired of looking thru pics of us pigging out
in yet another japanese restaurant??

this time, we headed out to daidomon,
a japanese bbq buffet...somewhere new to us...

so the verdict?
All of us really enjoyed the buffet, especially the selection of beef and sashimi there...
oh and also the 'macha' ice-cream.......yum:)
though at one point we became quite 'jelak" of the sashimi lol....
but it probably was just a case of too much of a good thing yea
arghh...I hope I dun see the likes of sashimi salmon for at least a few more months!
esther, also struggling to finish up her plate of sashimi...
but she did it in the end! so proud of u sis!!
they had pretty pretty furnitures n stuff right at the front of the restaurant
so suitable for camwhoring.......haha
so nice right, this japanese lady lamp?
i told esther what if she suddenly come alive in the middle of the nite wan?
some japanese bowls and cutlery
i dunno why but esther was quite fixated on this piece of "art"??
me with a RM14K price-tagged "pasu bunga"
check out the mini figurine at the side...so pretty
esther insisted that I also take a pic with this "bola"...
Oh i like this lamp a lot....can i bring it home?
so pretty right? so was the price tag:P
Guess how much is this "pasu bunga" thingy???
give up??

RM28k plus on the price tag!!! crazy right!
Top: Mng
Bottom: Zara
Belt: Niichi

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