Three blissful weeks has passed and now I'm back home.
Though I'm really glad to see my family again,
I really feel as if I've left my heart back in Edinburgh.
I'm missing him so much already.
Everything feels so strange,
as if I'm not really whole and am incomplete without him.
On a side note, I've a new countdown to look forward to:P
Only 174 days more. Yippee.

Okay, about the TRIP.
Let's start with Scotland which was pretty amazing.
Here are some of my favourite shots from edinburgh,
I'm so in love with the beautiful landscape:)

And here are some of the highlights taken from our road trip to
West Scotland.
Just breathtakingly beautiful.

Oh, I so wanna go back there!


La Mimi said...

Scotland looks lovely:)
I hope to visit it one day


Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

Scottland look beautiful.

it's great that you had good time!!and always home sweet home!!



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