Alice in La-la Land

I've had this vintage dress for more than a few months now.
I bought it because I fell in love with the white collars,
cute buttons and front pockets.
Of course I also couldn't resist those Alice in Wonderland vibes.
It arrived a bit oversized and so I left it abandoned in my wardrobe for a long while.
After much procrastination on my side,
I finally got it shortened and sized to my liking a few weeks ago.

Perfect dress for a tea party, no?
I paired it with my favourite snowflake-print white tights.

I really wish I have a better place to take my pictures.
Wish I have a garden or a forest in my backyard,
of which some of you are lucky enough to have.

Also wishing I had a bigger tea cup, like the one Mo have here:)


Lizzie said...

It does seem like the perfect dress for a tea party although I've never attended such an event in my life.

Yes, like you said, Alice in Wonderland vibes.

Jane Alisa said...

LOVE the dress, its adorable .x.

Anouk said...

Thanks !
Very nice dress !

♥ Marta ♥ said...

this is toooo cute ... :)

Anonymous said...

this so cute!
I really love the dress and the ring <3! ^^

Unknown said...

Naww thank you for your sweetness!
I'm sure you would look lovely with statement lips... it's just so hard to get used to when you first do it.. I'm a big fan of this dress!

CC said...

really cute

un petit lapin said...

This dress is SO CUTE! I wish I had it. The white collar really draws me in. I should learn how to alter clothes. I avoid buying a lot of things because they are too long/wide :(

riennahera said...

It's really cute, you have a marvellous outfit to wear when the film comes out :)

AsianCajuns said...

Oh I love it! I love how you updated the Alice look with that dress- and I think it's uber-flattering on you!

Have you seen the trailer for the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland? Looks pretty fantastic!

Ribka Zefanya said...

i don't think you need a forest or a big-lovely garden to make your dress looks more vibrant,simply because the dress are so irresistibly cute..heart your dress <3 <3 <3
mind if i link you?

Krystal said...

Yay for tea parties! Love this look. Where is the Rabbit when you need him?! Also, I'm digging the new banner up top. Looking good!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Such a sweet look. Loving the headband and ring!

yiqin; said...

Sucha perfect dress!!!

Malena said...

I love the dress! You should wear it to go see the new Alice in Wonderland, if you do plan to see that movie.

Nessie McInness said...

i love peter pan collars :)

and you look gorgeous in the dress !


Diary of a Young Designer said...

It definitely is the perfect dress for a tea party! And the way you are wearing your hair is ultra cute, it actually adds some sweetness to the outfit. Oh, and I's love a bigger tea cup also!


iris said...

Lovely dress!
I loved your blog, hope you don't mind I'll follow you:)
xx from Madrid!

La Mimi said...

You look super cute in that dress and the bow headband:) I wore the same headband on my engagement party last saturday...hehe


Mo said...

adorable :-) im flattered im mentionned ;-)

btw i sent the package on monday :-)


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