All Things White

I haven't worn this white band/military jacket hanging in my closet for ages.
I think the all year round hot weather here is accountable for that fact.
(Why I constantly crave for jackets/cardi/sweater
in this humid weather is beyond me)
Plus I didn't really have any idea on what to pair it with in the past.
Anyway, thought I will try it with this white dress for a little twist.
Any of you lovelies have any ideas on how else I could wear it?

While we're talking about all things white,
I've always been a bit obsessed with the colour white
as the main theme of the house interior.
I'm already dreaming of ways I could incorporate this colour
in my home when the time comes in the future.
These are some of the pictures I'm inspired by
(sorry, I'm not sure where I got them from).

Don't you think it's lovely to hang your favourite dresses
like pieces of art in the last picture?


Anonymous said...

amazing jacket! love it ^^!

Ribka Zefanya said...

i love your outfits, i think you can go with colorful tight or black tight with along with the dress minus the blazer :)
i'm just like you,i always love little white dress,and it's a lovely thing if i can have a room like the last picture in the future :)

Putri Erdisa Januarti said...

i love your blazer a lot!
and also the dress! the color is so calm yet so stunning at once.
and love those rooms too anyway. the last one is my fave! :D

please make a visit back, dear.


Unknown said...

I know what you mean, I am totally obsessed with the color white and white rooms, It is so refreshing, crisp.
I also wish I had your jacket... LOVE it.

AsianCajuns said...

You and I are sooo on the same wave length ;) I'm just getting ready to post an outfit post with whites and off-whites. I love your version with the military jacket (this might be a bit hackneyed, but you could do white tee, cut-offs, and killer heels ;)- I like how you softened the look with the pearls and your gorgeous dress.

I've also been toying with the idea of hanging clothes around my room- genius photos ;)

Thanks for visiting us at our new home, Sher!

iris said...

lovely outfit!!!!!:))))

HoneyBunny said...

You look gorgeous! Love this look, adore all white outfits:)

CC said...

cute white theme

Sarah said...

Everything is so pretty! I love your white jacket. I am also a fan of white interior design. It's just so clean and crisp and summery. And I know exactly what you mean about the humidity - it's killing me!

LookingGlassGirl said...

Lovely blog. I adore your white dress and I wish for all white furniture in my room.

Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

Lovely outfits and you're gorgeous! :)

<3 iheartvintagex

Unknown said...

ahhh you are so pretty!
i love the white military jacket.
white is just so clean and fresh... i loveeee it

La Mimi said...

I LOVE white color, however I have to admit I haven't been wearing it as often as I used to.
You look fantastic in this white-classy combo:)
have a fab day!


Love + Cake said...

Really love that jacket!! Looks great. I love the interiors, too :)

xox, mavi

konstantine said...

i love that jacket! it's amazing.
and i also LOVE the color white in almost everything, especially home decor themes.
your blog is amazing, good job!

Natalie Suarez said...

I totally agree. Whenever I walk into a house thats fully decorated white, it gives such a chic and sophisticated atmosphere! and your military jacket rocks! i'm trying to find an awesome one that resembles michael jackson's. :)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I love white... it is ideal for summer :) PLus, you look so beautiful in it!
I am soo jealous of your bow headband collection.... it is sooooo cute :)

Vicki said...

Love your white dress and hairband! also love the last two photos of the white rooms, so pretty. just found yur blog and think its lovely. would you like to exchange links?
much love from Ireland xx


You're so cute and pretty. And I really love your hair, very Betty Paige meets Tokyo.

Unknown said...

nice outfit :)

Yuka said...

i love all white! it looks so crisp and chic on outfits. and i would LOVE for my room to look like any one of those.

MAGDArling said...

i'd love to pull off all white look as well as u;D gr8 jacket;)))

Betty is one of my fav bloggers so the fact that i remind u of her is kinda a complement so thx;D and thx for following;))) i realy appreciate it;*

Amelia said...

That is such a cute jacket! I love the buttons and I kind of like that it's white, too. I wish I had more white clothes to play around with.

kataifi said...

white is perfect for summer!

cute dress and blazer and as always beautiful heels...

meraldia said...

Great dress and shoes. So romantic!

yiqin; said...

You look AMAZING in all white! Love the headband :D

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Your white outfit is so gorgeous for a wonderful summer day!
And how fabulous is this room in the middle!!!

Have a beautiful friday and wonderful weekend!!

Dionne said...

Cutest outfit for the season! And what lovely crisp interiors. I love it!

Unknown said...

gorgeous look! i do love all white combinations too!

un petit lapin said...

White goes with anything so I'm quite sure your jacket will suit a lot of outfits!

Also, I LOVE white rooms. I can't wait to have my own house that I can decorate!

Unknown said...

I love white... unfortunately I'm just to messy for it!

Andreia Afonso said...

Absolutelly loved the look, but i loved even more the fab jacket =)
Great looks, all very well put together. i will became a visitor for sure.


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