Four Weddings

Last Saturday, I attended the last wedding of the month.
That makes four weddings I've gone to in November alone!
I'm telling you, it's been really tiring getting ready and dressing yourself up
for 4 weeks in a row.

I was rather bored of wearing dresses, so I resorted to a mix and match.
Presenting my starry-starry tights from Topshop
and my new purse (an early Christmas gift from my family)
The wedding favor was a miniature plane cos the groom is a pilot
Didn't manage to get a good full length shot except for this blurry one!
Can't believe it's December already.
19 more days till my bf comes back,

24 more days to Christmas,

And 30 more days to a brand spanking New Year!

I'm excited though because it's always been my favourite part of the year.

I thought I'll share with you some of my Christmas cravings this year.

I'm still really craving for little dots/hearts tights

Black cherry revlon lipstick A leather jacket
A maxi cocktail dress

What are you guys craving for this Christmas?



I love your belt and those tights are so cute. I am craving some jewelry for x-mas! xoxo

Diane said...

i <3 your tights :)

Indy said...

OOo...I have Black Cherry Revlon lipstick! I love's so deep and unique!

I love your tights and look wonderful, as always! So unique!

cat said...

nice purse & belt! xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Anonymous said...

I love the purse! It is so cute.

Anonymous said...

love your bag there!
and your tights are lovely! ^^

Pagan Baby said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW I adore this bag and your peep toes!
I 've been buying my christmas gifts, I can't stop now ha ha ;)

daisychain said...

Gorgeous outfit, especially the tights, I've just bought some similar ones but with hearts, not stars.

erika sorocco said...

I just have to say...your tights and your bag are so incredibly adorable!

As for Christmas cravings...I too have been searching high and low for a pair of tights with little polka dot heart embellishments - it's hard to find any cute ones. Another thing I'm craving? Some cute tailored shorts - they would be adorable worn with said tights! :)

Sierra said...

Love your belt clip, so pretty! Yay I hope the time goes by super quick until you see your man again. Love your tight picture as well, you look gorgeous!

Hello Naka said...

I'm craving glitter ^^

I really like ur tights I always ripped and ladder mine T_T

merry xams btw ^^
I love this time of year too, because you randomly say happy new year and merry xmas to strangers and it normally cheers them up ^^

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

I love all the snapshots of the intricacies of your outfit! Beautiful!

Taylor said...

I bought a skirt that the heart tights would look great with! I'm trying to find a cheap pair.

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there sweetie, adore your bag!! Sharon xxx

Jen said...

Love the bag - so cute! I also want mini heart print tights. And a Macbook. And a Luella bag. And a leopard print faux fur coat.

Hhmmm. Hope Santa is listening!

S said...

Yay for Christmas Wish Lists!! I absolutely love that belt buckle... so sparkly ;)
I have a maxi cocktail dress!! I got it in Melbourne and it's one size fits all! Isn't that just brilliant?!
I think I have everything I want for Christmas... my black belt, my family and my boyfriend :)

Marie said...

Lovely tights! And I can't imagine 4 weddings in a month! But the cake- fabulous.
I am craving rest and plaid.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Charmed giveaway!

coeur noir said...

i've been dying for the up sheer hearts tights also! soon enough (:
and your outfit is adorable!

Tights Lover said...

I love the tights (both the stars and the hearts ;-))!

Graham I. Haynes said...

That little black airplane is so cool,
but not as cool as your new purse!
Very elegant. And a great look on you.

PS. Hope you get the tights and leather jacket for Xmas.

Friend in Fashion said...

YOu look lovely! The tights are so cute :)

Taylor Sterling said...

i love this! such pretty details!

Unknown said...

I love those tights!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

that bag! where is it from!? its glorious. H&M has the dot tights, they just aren't the best quality. Or American Eagle online has them on sale 2 for $20


I am so bored with dresses too, that's all I wear! You look just lovely, what a great outfit!

Carlos Alberto Silva said...



Anonymous said...

Oh I agree with all your christmas craving!

Maria Confer said...

That purse is gorgeous!!! Such a lovely gift!!

I adore your wishlist...I'm craving a gorgeous vintage fur coat.

Kristin said...

Wow! Four weddings in a month!? That is a ton! Your outfit was adorable....I adore your purse!

Melissa~ said...

That tights are so lovely, I want a topshop in my town!!!
The wedding favor is so original and cute.
Hope you have fun in all that weddings!

Thanks you so much for your comment!!

R. said...

Four Weddings in a month?? Whoa! :)
But that must have been fun, especially if you're the type of person who likes to dress up.

Rachel Follett said...

Love that purse!

agatiszka said...

Such a great handbag!!

Leah said...

Hi Sher! i love your tights and the bag is just gorgeous.

Chicago Chic said...

I love your outfit, and wow...that purse! You look gorgeous, hun! xoxoxo

Rose said...

You looked pretty for the wedding. I cant believe you had 4 in a month! I love your black and gold purse.
This christmas im craving a holiday (which may just come in January).

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

michelle_ said...

cute star tights ! matches with your blog name :D

love ur outfit combo too ! its soooo chic.. i love the shade of the purple very much !

and im craving for a thigh high boot (like rodarte's) this xmas .. :D

thanks for your comment at my blog :D
i loveddd this postt !
enter my scarf giveaway handmade by myself here

KP said...

Love your early presents! those tights are amazing. I am so in wedding time as well xo

Unknown said...

love your outfit and those tights are super cute!

For all things fashion:

HiFashion said...

You're so lucky you have so many weddings to go to! I'd love to have the chance of dressing up more.
Your tights look really good! And the whole outfit is gorgeous!

muchlove said...

I love your starry tights!

Unknown said...

I've just passed you an award!

For all things fashion:

Ashley Dy said...

Lovely blog!

un petit lapin said...

The star tights are cute! I want some too. And some spotty tights.
That handbag is gorgeous. Your family have great taste.

Fashion Ninja said...

tights are very cute, i love you whole look for this wedding!

the year passed so quickly didn't it..pretty scaryyy
i crave for a trench coat :D

Giovanna said...

Adorable tights!!! I love your belt as well! And what a cute wedding favor, I love it!
You look adorable as always!
Ps: I'm also craving for polka dots and heart tights!
Do you know where can I find them?

Libertad said...

I love everything you want for Christmas, Sher... hehehehe! And you look so lovely, of course! I wish one day I could listen you sing!!

And about what you said on my blog... what? you want to steal my dresses? But dear, you've got my heart! Isn't that enough?


Viva La Fashion said...

wow! that is a lot of weddings! :)

AsianCajuns said...

I love all of the textures in your outfit - great styling.

That leather jacket is to die for!

G. said...

I love the handbag, so special! I hadn't realized I was craving dark cherry lipstick 'till I visited the blog so you're to blame for an extra expense this year :D

MJ said...

Oh my god, that bag is amazing! And I love the tights with the stars - I have little dot ones but I think those are even cuter!

o said...

love, love ur handbag! what a sweet present from ur family:) the airplane favors are such a neat idea for a wedding! love it! i'm craving for a leather jacket, too:)

Hannah Sá said...

I love your tight!!!! *-* (I wish that one from Cherry too)
Gosh, Xmas it's supuer near...O_O


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