Panty Buns said...

I LOVE the colour and look of your dress! It's such a pretty and feminine shade of pink - my absolute favourite! It's wonderful seeing your outfit posts again. The natural old growth outdoor setting is a nice backdrop - beautiful photos. Your nail polish looks perfect. Your hair looks beautiful. Your dark jacket and tights make the lovely dress stand out more. It's nice seeing your smile. It's a pretty outfit, lovely dress and the pics are fantastic! I'd love to find an array of fashions in that wonderful pink colour.

Helen said...

Such a sweet dress. I love the feminine skirt

lucia m said...

loving the ring!


Elena said...

just came across your
blog- its lovely. you look so pretty in that dress. the color is awesome.

Unknown said...

Huhu, ich wollte Bescheid sagen, dass ich nach einem Jahr Pause wieder "on the line" bin ;)
Allerdings mit neuem Namen :)
Hatte dich nach wie vor in meiner Liste und folge dich.
Wäre supi wenn du mich auch wieder folgst.

Liebe Grüße & Küsschen


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