Feeling quite gothic in today's all black ensemble so of course I had to inject a bit of colour into it through my pink flats and candy coloured nails.

 I've officially entered my third trimester and it's getting nearer and nearer to the day where we will meet our little one! Beyond excited 


Charlotte said...

pretty dress!

ordaining serendipity

ambika said...

Loved your bag!

queenhorsfall said...

you look amazing! must be very exciting to have a baby

Panty Buns said...

I love your dress and the fancy necklace you wore with it. Your hair and your nail polish looks pretty too. You look fabulous.

Cmichellestyles said...

Your little belly is the cutest!!! Beautiful ensemble!!!

Instagram: Cmichellestyles

Unknown said...

Lovely outfit!!! *-*


Unknown said...

You look really elegant. I love the pops of colour. Congratulations on having a little bundle of joy on the way. You are managing to pull of pregnancy in absolute style. I was horrendous!

x Mandi


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