We are family

Just some pics of our little family the other day. Still can't believe how blessed I am to have these two in my life. My little one is about to hit the half year mark in a matter of days and it's just so much fun watching her grow day by day. She's been down with the flu the past few days but she's such a Lil trooper that she still grace us with her smiles through it all. Gosh, I still can't believe this little human being is mine. How can I not love her more and more each day? I suppose this is what all mothers feel lol:)

Brightest blue

Happiness is being with this lil sweetie every moment that I can get. It never gets boring coming home to her ♡

Pretty little baby

Have you guys been missing this pretty lil baby? She's 5 months old today! It's quite amazing how much she grows and develops each and every week. I can even see her bottom tooth sprouting out already. She can now sit on her own and she's so active that i can hardly keep up with her! She loves baby talking with us too, super duper cute :)


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