Currently the song playing and replaying in my mind.
Rediscovered Rachael Yamagata's second album, Elephants last night.
I just love Horizon, such a haunting and sad, sad song.

"The last time I laid my eyes upon you
You were blowing kisses
I was waiting in the car
Something had died yet
Everything around kept turning
Don't even know where you are

Somewhere along the line we lost the horizon
I've been looking around, up and down Nowhere there
Someday I hope to find the horizon

I've been all around the world and nothing is clear
The last time I held you,
it was head to heart
The curtain was drawing
I left you sleeping so sound
If I had known forever
After we would stay apart
I would have whispered
All the things I can't tell you now

Somewhere along the line we lost the horizon
I've been looking 'round, up and down
Nowhere there, nowhere there
Someday I hope I can find the horizon"

Excerpts of Horizon lyrics by Rachael Yamagata

I only wear this "what do you call it? cardi?"
when I'm safe in the comfort of air-conditioned places.
I'll tear myself out of it the second I step out into the sweltering heat.
It's a shame I don't get to wear it so often in this tropical climate.


Anonymous said...

great pictures, I really love that sweater <3

Mila said...

pretty sweater!

StyleRoulette said...

The cardigan is so cute! It looks so warm! :)
Sincerely Louie, Ciao!

yiqin; said...

The knitted jacket is so pretty :)

Zhcsyra hp said...

love ur boler,.yaay.,


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