It's a holi - holiday~

After having a sumptuous dimsum breakfast with my family, we came home and had some time to kill before goin off to Low Yat to purchase a new CPU cos esther's has passed on (RIP) I decided to play dress up and dig out clothes that are rarely worn....I came out with this lacy halterneck top which belongs to my sis btw hehe....decided to experiment a now we have one top, 3 different looks....behold....:P

1st look: Worn simple with only a waist cincher...
should be paired with longer pants la but I lazy to change

2nd Look: Wear the top as a skirt....I think this looks really sweet :)
but maybe it's just me

3rd Look: This is what I wore out actually :P
Paired it with a cropped cardigan and I was ready to go!

Top: Colours ( I know, cringe)
Shorts: Niichi (why I have so many stuff from there? can be their spokesperson :P)

Cropped Cardigan: Amour
Necklace: curi from my mom hehe

So now Erwin has a new pc and we have his old pc...why is he always so smart this way??

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