Morning, beautiful!

Today I had to get up early to go for training in Bangi, so I was goin along my usual route....had to use Kesas cos that's the only way I know lol....and as I stopped at the second toll booth to make my payment, I was greeted by this chirpy cheerful malay guy in mandarin, loosely translated as "morning, beautiful" really amused me and truly made my morning....I mean how many times have we passed by these toll booths to be greeted by indifferent I was really suprised that this guy chose to be different....dare to be different haha.....makes me think how I can do something to brighten up someone's day.....and not be so self centred all the time...well, I'll try, tomorrow.......... :P

Wearing my mommy's pearls and looking dead tired after training :)
so preppy-ish
Stole my mom's vintage 1980's ribbon cute rite?
Gonna start digging out her old treasures hehe....

Top: from my sis's pile of clothes
Cardigan: Seed
Skirt: Comma

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