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Have heard of this place for awhile now but never tried it till now.....thought it had an upstairs but it's just one floor.....so basically we took to one corner and started looking thru the menu....we decided to order a variety of meat....cos we're carnivorous mah.....finally after some time of looking at the counter and feeling confused of which to choose, we decided on streaky bacon, pigs in blanket, beef and pork chop with mashed potato on the side....oh and a ceasar salad too....yea we're also very greedy.....everything also wanna eat........

Happy faces cos get to eat soon ;)


Can I eat now please? pretty please?

Which one should I attack first?

Busy devouring my steak :P

Wow impressive collection rite?

Yes, we even had dessert...it's called le creme brulee cheese cake, so yummylicious!

All in all, really happy with the food..... The service was excellent, so happened that the GM of Jarrod & Rawlins were there and he came over to talk to us....he even bought us a round of drinks....this is what I call excellent service hehe.....found out that there's a few more outlets in KL and PJ area....they even have one in One U....Will definitely come back for more :)
Dress: F21

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