Of Afternoon Tea and Meaty Stuff....

Today was lovely....I think it's one of the very few times that I went out only with my brother...yea, unheard of right?....after a bit of shopping around while erwin had his haircut, we headed to one of my favourite places to have tea, winter warmers....though it's not like I frequent the place all the time la....but I went a few times with KT and always like the quaint lil english country house feel it has....especially love the pretty tea set they used to serve...so cute....today we had blueberry cheese cake and banana milk tea...

Top : Some old thing in the closet
Skirt : From KB
Shoes : My sister's

and then me and my bro had a lil dinner date at Meaty House, Taipan....porky stuff lol:P

and here are more drinking tea pics, oh boy do we love this place:P

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