Thumbnails of a LDR...

Well, this is what LDR feels like...more or less:)

You know you're in a LDR (Long Distance Relationship to the uninitiated) when...

* you live simultaneously in two time zones, and have mad urges to ask "my time or your time?" whenever you schedule a meeting with someone
* you spend more time talking to a webcam than to a flesh-and-blood person
* you have a Visit-Sweetie fund that's almost as big as your student fund
* you've developed an intense love/hate relationship with your sweetie's country/place of residence
* random songs start to speak to you on the radio ("no one ever said it would be this haaaard...")
* you have a contracted a phobia of kissing couples and want to smack them over the head with a broomstick
* your plans on valentine's day include talking long-distance for half the night and spending the rest of the time throwing beer cans at passing couples
* every so often you're overcome with the paranoid thought that maybe, your sweetie is merely a schizophrenic jumble of moving pixels or, even worse, just a figment of your imagination
* people raise their eyebrows when they hear where your other half lives
* stories of how people lived before webcams/wireless internet/e-mail/skype/msn/
icq/cell phones make you feel oddly guilty for complaining about how hard LDRs are - but you do it anyway!

(unabashedly copied and paste from a facebook group :P, i especially like the 8th and last points)

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