Today, after the parents and aunties and uncle and brother left for A.S, me and my sis headed for a trip to the Times Square....but not before taking a very brief detour to our USJ park to take a few pics of our berets lol cos our mini fountain-garden not as nice la....excuse the blueish light...I dunno which button I accidentally pressed which caused said's called incandescent haha:P as opposed to non-incandescent in the last 2 pics....looks like I still have lots to learn in taking pics :) do bear with me...haha, I can only improve from here:P and of cos, we did not wear the berets out and's just strictly for photo taking hehe...

Top : F.O.S
Vest : MNG
Shorts : Nichii
Gladiator Sandals : from online

Beret: my sister's

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