Sunlight, shine bright....

"You can see the sunlight reflected in my eyes
as I gently clutched your heart to mine
Memories of hazy lovely nights and yesterdays
brings a silent smile upon my lips, you say
A flicker of hope keeps my fire burning
however small it may be, it shines brightly without tiring,
Anticipating, my whole being longs for that very second,
Where both our hearts can come as one, encircled in that everlasting bond"

Used the tripod for the first time outdoors and results leave much to be desired as you can see....but playing with my pink skirt and newly purchased black puffy sleeved top was quite fun too....also extremely elated cos I got so many orders for BB in one day!Yay!

Top : The Gray (very very affordable lol)
Skirt : Seed
Shoes : Vincci
Necklace : Mom's

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