november cometh.....

I've been either really busy or really lazy in updating my blog in the whole month of october....I know, I'm such a terrible blogger(if uploading pics = blogging)....and moving on to november, hopefully I will have more things to blog....

Top: Amour
Pants: Seed

Top: MNG
Skirt: Comma

Inner top: MNG

Shirt: from online
Pants: MNG

I've been so busy/lazy that I've even been procrastinating on goin over to sioni's place to see her new baby....I'm such a terrible person....let's hope I can get there before the wee baby starts walking and talking....It sounds like an excuse but it's really hard to keep track when everyone around you is either getting hitched or giving birth.....

on a separate note, some ppl commented I look thinner....yay or nay?

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