9 days left!

I feel super super panicky when I think of the number of days left
before I leave for my very very long-awaited trip
to be reunited with my dearest again.
I just feel like I haven't prepared enough for it,
though I do believe I've read everything there is to know of each country I'm visiting.
When I think of how I started my countdown with 270 plus days,
I kinda marvel at how time has flown by.
yes, it was difficult in the beginning and I literally went through hell
but now with 9 days within my reach,
I'm in a real surreal - blissful zone mode:)

Now, if only I could figure out how to get everything fitted in that tiny suitcase I'll be bringing!

Wore this to go dancing on Sat nite.
Had so much fun with my dance instructors, we begged them to show us a dance
and their salsa was out of this world-amazing!!!
If only I had recorded the dance!!
oh, and lookie at my new Guess bag, one of 5 bags I got from the warehouse sale!
Yes, I went a lil crazy I admit:)
Me on Sunday
After taking this picture, I went and had my hair done!
Happy! I always feel happy after a hair appointment. Is it just me?
oh, the tiny joys of life.


www.janetteria.com said...

I love second one outfit! :)


Nini's Style said...

You look so cute. I just found your blog today through Hanh and Love it. Keep it up.
Have a nice day,
Nini Nguyen

Haute World said...

Adorable outfits... I love those dresses on you!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

That black dress is darling.

Sher said...

You guys are seriously sweet...thank you!!!

Damsels said...

well im excited for you .

ah summer . summer times , summer romance .

Emz said...

Cute dresses! Have funnnn =) And I love hair appointments haha. I come out with light gorgeous hair... *oh happiness =)

micol zanzuri said...

you are lovley


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