Goin' Bollywood

Me and my sis wearing sari for the 2nd time,
this time for emily and eugene's big day.
It's not everyday that we get to dressed up like this,
so we had to take some pics to mark the event.
We can hardly walk properly in the saris
but I really love the pink sari I had on.
Cos it's in the prettiest shade of pink!

Special thanks to aunty shantini and rhenita for lending the saris
and the help in tying them up :D


Nat said...

oh la la..... SEXY!

yiqin; said...

You girls wear them really well :D

Little Bo Peeep said...

Oh wow you girls looks so cute and pretty in those sari's! I've got loads of pakistani and indian friends and i always adore the patterns and colours on their saris <3

Farah said...

you girls look so sweet in them =)

[LA] said...


Love your skin girls! IS PERFECT!


La Mimi said...

Oh, that's cute...I had never worn a sari yet...:)


AsianCajuns said...

You both look gorgeous! I think saris are very elegant and flattering- definitely on you two!

LACY said...

wow, these dresses are breathtaking and you look so beautiful in them :)


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

You both look fantastic--I love saris!


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