Sappy Love Songs!

This was what we did, when we were not walking around tourist attractions or battling the cold wind in edinburgh:) we had to to re-take again and again until we got quite fed up, so these are the most mistake-free options. Please don't mind us, we were just having some fun!

1) Lucky Cover

2) Falling Slowly (Cover) I love this song so much! Love the movie too!!!

Umm, and a random work outfit from last week.
Bought the cardi from Primark for $3, I think:P


Nat said...

hey great song duets!! I love it! I didn't know your bf also into singing... so you guys met in Church Worship group? Sappy love songs for sappy couple huh :P ha ha ha

Anyway missed your voice! As in I missed the time in AOG last time when you perform boo hoo.

Sher said...

oh dear Lord, AOG youth time so long ago many memories lol...

yea he's a back up singer/worship leader/guitarist and we first became friends from the worship team:)


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