Oh London!

Some of my favourite pictures from London.
The main highlight for me is definitely
watching the Ondine Ballet at the Royal Opera House.
One of my dreams came true.
Though we were seated way up high and had to squint our eyes
to see the dancers who are gliding gracefully beneath us,
it was still truly beautiful and magical.
I, especially love the set, and how they created the sensation of being at sea.


thriftylilpixie said...

I want to go to london so much. great photos

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Oh! Looks like fun--I love your slouchy beret and trench coat too. :)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I can't wait to see london

Krystal said...

You two are too cute! Seriously, too cute. And p.s. I love how you wore that electric blue beanie with your more subdued tones outfit. Adds some interest with a nice pop of color. Brilliant. :)

Sara said...

Awesome photos! It looks like you were so busy and had the best time! I love this x


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