Life is good, Lace is better

Growing up, I've always viewed lace as something very feminine and elegant,
something fit for only special occasions.
Hence, over the years, I tend to shy away from lace.

So after a thorough search of my entire wardrobe,
I found only one top that moderately looks like it's made of lacy material.
Decided to dress it up with a ribbon brooch
that belongs to my mother,
a beige cincher which was such a bargain,

and a headband that I wore as a necklace instead
(a last minute purchase in accessorize, london airport).

Here's a collage of all things lace I made

to further inspire myself to wear more lace and adding them into my wardrobe!
Hope you will like it too:)

Also not forgetting, the lovely Tink from Tink in the Closet has recently tagged me with this sweet award.
She has a fabulous blog and her outfits are always so amazing, so do hop over and have a look for yourself!

Once you receive this award,
you must give it to ten other bloggers and write ten facts about yourself.

Okay, here are 10 useless facts about myself:)

1. When I was a baby, I practically had no hair! My mom used to hide the fact by putting bon
nets and hats on my wee head until I was about 2, I think.

2. I love Christmas...the tree, the pressies, the lights, everything is so pretty and I look forward to celebrating Christmas every year:)

3. I love the idea of fine dining. There's just something so romantic and deliciously wonderful being in that ambience and being pampered, surrounded with champagne glasses, candles, etc.

4. I love to write bits of poetry and stuff when I feel inspired. I also started writing letters to my future husband when I was 18. It will be pretty neat to be able to give the letters to him on my weddin
g day.

5. My favourite colour is pink. All sorts of pink. Don't judge me:P

6. I have a thing for cute babies/children. I just love playing with them;)

7. I'm a crybaby. A touching movie/story/book can release a rush of tears real easily.

8. I just love to see how people around the world put their outfits together. Especially the art of layering in fall/winter, it just amazes me. I wish we have colder weather here so that I could try it out;)

9. I heart Sashimi. Yes, give me a plate of fresh raw salmon and I'll be as happy as a bird.

10. I have a love-hate relationship with horror movies. I am always curious to see how the movie goes and yet always end up getting so freaked out by it. Recent ones were the Orphanage and Shutter*cringes*

And now I tag asian cajuns, cinnamon eve, dragonfly in yantar, fashion cappuccino,
flashes of style, maverick malone, me, mo & myself, qin at the disco,
un petit lapin, and with love...

xx Have a great day, everyone!!xx

images from weheartit


yiqin; said...

Thanks for giving the award to me :)

claradevi said...

Your lace top is darling! And congratulations for the awards, you deserved it a lot :)

Eva said...

I've added you to my blogroll. :)

I've seen a lot of bloggers wearing lace recently and it made me realize I don't have a single lace item in my closet! It's so delicate and feminine though. Love your collage!

HoneyBunny said...

You look stunning! Love this look, especially the lace top<333 I adore lace:)

Mo said...

ooo thank you sooooo much dear !!! i'll try to do it asap !!!!!!!!!!!

you look totally stunning ! awesome outfit !!so delicate !

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hey!! What a lovely outfit! It's funny I love everything about lace too and almost bought a black lace sweater yesterday...but come to my senses. Always love to get to know your ten facts are very interesting. I think it's so cool that you're writing love letters to you future husband! How romantic and why didn't I think of that?!

Thank you for the tag and award :-) xxoxoxo

Unknown said...

I have been obsessed with lace too the point where its taking over my wardrobe lol

love the outfit...just the right amount xx

CC said...

very cute top

Anonymous said...

My current obsession is also with lace! :D it just looks so lady, so classic isnt it? Love to match them with pearls :)

Anonymous said...

you look amazing in that outfit!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Very fresh look. The lace is so pretty.

Polished Sense said...

Hi! I love that outfit on you (that is you right?) Sorry new here! The combo is fantastic...and seriously will be back for more lady! Take care :P


Clara Campelo said...

great, great look!


Louisa said...

Love the top! I actually just bought a lace top today and am now extra happy I did :)

Miss said...

Wow, you look adorable with that lace top and the black skirt! And that necklace is very clever!:)

kulululu said...

u look amazing!!

great blog!!

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog ! Sure why not?? heeee. Have added you on my blog roll :)

Ohhh my,that's the most beautiful lace top I've seen. And the little bow you pinned on it is adorable !

Congrats on the award <3

Move said...

love ur laces tops >.<


Anonymous said...

Dear, I love your outfit! The lace is gorgeous, I'm so into it lately! The broche is adorable and the skirt is very beautiful too. Yay, gorgeous! Your blog is definately one I'll follow, so yeah, exchange links! I'll put you in my list of lovable blogs.

Love, E

Gia said...

What a charming outfit, the top is just great and the whole look is so romantic:)
Thank you for your comment!


Unknown said...

sweet blog
thanks for dropping by darling!
oh i adore your lace tops.

i love me some lace in right doses! :)


daisy kate said...

I love lace :)
thank you for commenting my blog! I'm now following your blog!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Congratulations on your award!!!

Your ivory lace top looks stunning with the black skirt and the belt is a perfect addition! LOVELY!

Oh yeees, also love Christmas time!!! ;)

Have a beautiful day!

carolyn said...

Lace is lovely, and I love the outfit you created with it! I also tend to avoid lace, but no more! I am currently in a search for the perfect black lace top....beautiful blog =)

The Girl With a Feather said...

Thank you for you comment, so sweet! Yes I would love to exchange links, thanks!

I love lace, I just don't know how to wear it, but I think you've just inspired me. I'm the same with horror movies. I absolutely love them, but end up making myself paranoid.

Jenny said...

Oh i love lace! its so elegant when worn right! you did it justice! haha :) xx

Maria Confer said...

This outfit is gorgeous! I love the lace top with your necklace. Just perfect.

CC said...

Beautiful outfit! Lace is so elegant and looks absolutely divine. :)


Katrina said...

amazing lace top!

Alexandra said...

I love your outfit! The lace and the brooch are so beautiful together!

Glendy said...

Your top is absolutely beautiful :) and the tiny bow is it a botton or a pin?

Much love,

Flashes of Style said...

Aww pretty pretty! Such a classy look. And thank you soo much for the award dear! :)

Amanda and May said...

thanks for your lovely comment ;)
you have a really nice blog.
fyi i really like lace starting since its so called "debut" last f/w?
hmm i like how ur cute little broche is this intricate detail on the lace.

un petit lapin said...

Awww, thank you so much! I've set up a little post with the award in it for next week ;)

Also, I LOVE lace. I've always thought it was so pretty and sweet. I like that it became trendy because I could add more lace pieces to my wardrobe. You combined it into your outfit so well. It's very elegant and feminine.

Unknown said...

Your sheer lace is divine... Sexy whilst still remaining oh so classy!
Your facts are great... and my fav colour is pink also.. I've even posted about my love for pink in the past. It's such a timeless romantic colourxx

MAGDArling said...

i love lace;D u look so pretty and elegant;D

COCOVANA said...

Wow you look amazing, I love your outfit.

xoxo anna

AsianCajuns said...

Ooo thank you so much for tagging us, Sher! We absolutely adore your blog!
I can totally understand the love/hate horror movie thing- I do that too! Though I'm even more of a baby and sleep with the lights on if I get really scared.

I love how you paired your lace with such chic lines! You've convinced me that I need to add more lace to my wardrobe!

Hope you have a lovely, lovely weekend!
Lar (AsianCajuns)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That outfit is just plain gorgeous. And no judgment here. I'm pink freak too!


i'm rly loving your lace top (;

and i cant tear my eyes away from those black lace shoes in your collage! they're so delicately beautiful.


Shantee said...

i love all things lace and your top is so pretty!

Gabriela said...

omg that outfit is seriously amazing! love the lace top and the ribbon brooch :)

Patty Ann said...

you are such a sophisticated young lady
love how you used a gold/black chain instead of something expected like pearls for this oufit!
wow you made all these lace things??? i would love to see you model that victorian inspired piece on the right!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

I LOVE this outfit!! I am a HUGE fan of everything lace these days!! I need to get an outfit like this pronto!!


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