A rose by any other name

My secret little dream is to be a ballerina.
One who twirls ever so delicately in her ballet slippers.
But since I haven't found the perfect tutu skirt yet,
this poufy little skirt will have to do for all my imaginary dancing:)

Saw the rose hairpin on Sat and couldn't resist taking it home with me
I'm wearing so many of my favourite things here,
stripes, roses, my ice-cream necklace and favourite tights,

they really make my heart smile:)

Source: weheartit

I need your opinion guys!!!
Which would you choose given the choice between
Greece or Switzerland?

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love home|life|style said...

beautiful outfit! loving the stripes!
cute ice cream necklace x

Um, Greece?

yiqin; said...

The rose is so pretty :)

Ela said...

Such a cute hairpin and I love your tights!

I've always wanted to go to Greece :)

My Passport to Style said...

You would make such a pretty striped ballerina! What a gorgeous post, many thanks from Lauren and I for your support! Don't forget to enter our wonderful competition to win a Lu Lu Guiness inspired backcurrant bow bag and lots of other chic goodies.Can't wait to see your entry and see you over @ My Passport to Style! Fingers crossed for you! Sharon xxxooo

Mo said...

oo...i wish i was a ballerina too ! i took dance classes for about 10 years actually...but it doesn't really show..lol...

I would say... Greece, i love the sea and sun too much. Of course Switzerland has great chocolates but the landscapes of Greece are breathtaking.

Eva said...

I'd choose Switzerland because I really like what I've seen of it (Montreux, Geneva, Lausanne). And I don't like Greece that much, but Switzerland is more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness your blog is sooo adorable!
Loved you outfit in this post!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That was always a dream of mine too. That and to sing in a rock band. Somehow I think those ships have sailed. Ah ha. Lovely pics!

Fräulein Luise said...

Yes, you really look like a ballerina, that was my first impression!

iris said...

Love the outfit, I understand they are some of you fav things! :) That ice-cream necklace rocks! lol:)

I absolutely love cold green places such as Switzerland but I'd choose Greece... the history of Athens, cradle of Western civilization, and those Islands!!!! Don't tell me you haven't dream of being there surrounded by those white houses and the see... watching the sunset :)

Maria Confer said...

I always wanted to be a ballerina, too, but never took ballet lessons. Adore your striped top and rose barrette.

I say Switzerland!!

Thanks so much for posting the button and spreading the love!



Sophie said...

This is such a cute outfit, i always wanted to be a ballerina too. I absolutely adore your necklace, its sooo cute! And that rose hairpin is adorable.
As for Greece or Switzerland, I'm not too sure I think I would go for Switzerland, but thats just me!xo

Dallas Shaw said...

i'm so inspired by ballerinas , thanks for sharing

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

I love it, Sher! The skirt, stripes and rose! So gorgeous and sweet!
ps- good luck on your quest for your perfect tutu skirt- and have fun twirling (I can guarantee you that's much more fun than actually being a ballerina- Cath and I both were for a long while ;)

Indy said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful...I love the effects that you put on them!


Great style!

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Melissa~ said...

greece! is gorgeous!
I love your little rose.

Mina said...

You are so photogenic! I love your outfits! Aww, ballerina, every girl's dream. I would most definitely pick Greece!

Valencia Lia said...

Dollar would so so happy if you were to play with him and he's really friendly too,except to guys.
Don't know why,weird! heeeee

Ohhhhh I love love the rose in your hair,really lovely and gorgeous color:)

I love the match of your tee with the blue skirt and everything ! You do look like a ballerina:)
Always so graceful ! And I miss dancing ballet as well Urghhh

Ohhhhh,your eaten ice cream necklace is something I WANT <3 <3

Stunning photos you've put up. All so dreamy :)

Valencia Lia said...

Oops I forgot to add !!

You should go to Greece :)) So many beautiful structures and I believe its going to be so much fun <3

Marie said...

Very sweet and so ladylike- rose and all! Love the colors too-

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Lovely photos. I love ballet too! I would choose Switzerland! The scenery would be lovely to see. I have travelled through the alps but would love to see more. It seems like a fairytale, myserious world to me. xx

Miss Head Over Heels said...

Oh you look so sweet here. So pretty with the rose at your hair.

Anyway... Greece or Switzerland... It's so hard to decide which one. Greece!! No, Switzerland... No, Greece. LOL!


Hannah said...

lovelovelove your outfit and those ballet pics!

i don't think i have the qualifications or experience to decide on greece or switzerland but i'm sure both would be amazing!


Crystal Ball said...

Once again, another beautiful outfit!
Switzerland and Greece? I've never been to either but I def. want to go to both one day. I think I would pick Switzerland first though. I don't why, there is just something about the beautiful photographs I've seen that make it seem more alluring.

Rose said...

Gorgeous outfit! I hope you find the perfect tutu one day.
Those ballett pictures are just lovely.
Gosh Greece or Switzerland. I would probably choose switzerland, or figure out which country speaks more english and choose that one because I would feel scared if no one could understand me hehe.


delina said...

lovely outfit, it looks so beautfiul to you! I choose switzerland xx

Libertad said...

Switzerland!!!! Or... Greece!!! Arf! I cannot decide, both places are lovely, but now in fall I think you should go to Switzerland; Greece it's lovely at summer (or that's what people told me, hehe!)

I really love the way you look in those pictures, so romantic and cute.... yes, that hairpin is lovely!!

And I see you're usint the dear Diary button too, yeees! I really think that's a good cause, isn't it? :)

Have a nice day, sweetheart!


C. said...

This is a wonderful outfit! I think you look great in stripes and the little pink rose adds a nice touch :)

Also, great collection of pictures! The second pic is my favourite. And... I would go to Greece in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

oh, wunderful. i love the ballett photos. your flower in the hair is so cute

Anonymous said...

oh, wunderful. i love the ballett photos. your flower in the hair is so cute

Alex Dom said...

lovely photos

Meaghan Kelly said...

aww i also had dreams of being a ballerina someday! I took lessons for years and years and had to stop eventually because of an injury! I love your ballet inspired post!

I also think you should go to Switzerland! but maybe that's because I wanna go so bad! :D

claradevi said...

You already look like the sweetest balerina ever :) I love the way you paired the stripes and plain-coloured skirt, they go together so well... Adorable!

Ah, If I were you I would definitely pick greece! I always stunned to see, learn, and know anything about greece - esp. because I love their myths! And I think Greece is quite a different place compare to your country now, so it worth to try. <3

Anonymous said...

oh, dear miss sher thankyou for your truely wonderful comment on my post, and oh your outfit is so pretty here, i really adore the pink rose clip in your hair ♥

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!
Love your tights!

Switzerland, btw!


Shantee said...

loving the stripes and the skirt! always wanted one like that :)

Anonymous said...

cute outfit. Love the rose in your hair. I wiss I has longer hair...

Patty Ann said...

totally LOVE that cute little flower pin
and your style is always so girly
i love that
pretty inspiration pictures
pretty pics make me so happy!


Tessies Hearts said...

Absolutely delightful pics, and lovely outfit, I love the stripes and the rose cip :-)

nicola xx

MissPlayground said...

love everything about the outfit! great pics!

Unknown said...

I love your necklace! where's it from?

For all things fashion:

Audrey Allure said...

i've always wanted to be a ballerina too! and very cute hair pin. lol
and i would choose greece - the water looks so beautiful there!

un petit lapin said...

Oh, I want a striped top like that too! And you know I love ballerina photos <3

Hmmm... are you going to Athens? If so, I pick Greece! If not, Switzerland also seems lovely! Saying that, I've only been to one Greek island and I had the best time.

Ash Fox said...

oo loving those ballerina-esque pictures.



Unknown said...

I wanted to be a ballerina until i became aware of the pain your poor little feet have to go through... This is such a sweet skirt I'm looking for one quite similar at the moment.. I love happy outfits.. it definately shows in the pictures:)

Unknown said...

Oh and I say Greece..

vitaMinn style said...

So cute outfit! You look lovely!

I've never been to Greece but dreaming of going. Switzerland is not so bad either coz once you're in the area, you can easily cover Austria and Bavaria as well. Either way, you can never go wrong!! =)

Emily said...

LOVELY blog! Cute:)

Closet Full of Nothing said...

I've always wanted to be a ballerina too! begged my mom for lessons.. but she always insisted on piano lessons instead!

Definitely Greece, but if you can do both.. even better! :)

Julia said...

Very cute pictures!

muchlove said...

Very cute and chic outfit :)

Personally I'd choose Switzerland, but both places would be amazing to go to!

Becky Tjandera said...

wow you're looking so great ! love the outfit . and ballerina is cool :D

Unknown said...

Greece! I loved Greece when I was there especially the islands and all the ruins in Athens and the food. Switzerland is pretty but quite conservative and a bit boring in my opinion :( But depends on what you like.

These pictures made me smile they were so adorable. You're looking so lovely with the pink flower in your hair. And of course I don't mind being added to your reading list. I'd be honoured. I will add you to mine :D

Amelia said...

I love the pattern of the tights and the pink & blue together! It's my secret dream to be a ballerina, too :)

Anonymous said...

Wow love your pics!

Giovanna said...

You look adorable!! I love your outfit and your blog is very inspiring! :)
I'm adding your link to my blogroll :)

Valeriesoh said...

Switz def!

went there for a photoshoot in the mountains and it was unbelievable!!!!

christa elyce said...

what a lovely dream! ballerina are grace and beauty...everything you have. don't we all need tutu skirts, ladies? lol! Thanks for commenting on my blog and following. i'll be looking out for you posts and comments.


scribbling sassy said...

cute outfit! ... if you ever find that perfect tutu, will u please do another post about ballerinas?! ^^

stay pretty!


daisy kate said...

What a pretty rose! I'd go to greece :) thank you for your comments on my blog :) www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com

lolly-jolly said...

i found your blog just before a minutes! it's so pretty. i think greece is to close to my county, that's why i would chose Switzerland, cause it's so much different from here where i love. but also it depends on what time of the year. of course i would love to be at greece in summertime.unfortunately now it's autumn. have a beautiful day :)

daisychain said...

so pretty x


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