Flower Nymph

Wishing that I might be a flower nymph
With nary a burden nor care to bear
But to wear soft, crimson petals in my hair
as I travel along, the skies above so blue and fair...

"Heather the flower that weaves through her hair

Flower upon flower that grows beneath her step"

extracted from "Nymph Poem" by Michelle R. Morrison (May)

images : weheartit


I'm so thankful for the weekend, dears! Well, aren't we all?
Although I'm down with a cold and am not feeling too well,
but it's nothing too serious so don't worry.
Anyway, I took the opportunity to complete some overdue tags
which were lovingly bestowed upon me!

Tag # 1 from Under Lock and Key

1. What books are on your favorite shelf?
Jane Austen books, Anne of Green Gables series, The Lovely Bones,
The Time Traveler's Wife, The Little Prince
2. What DVDs are on your favorite shelf?
Pride and Prejudice, Once, 10 things I hate about you, Becoming Jane, The Reader, Amelie,
P.S. I love you, Sex and the city.
3. What are your two favorite cookbooks?
Sadly I'm not so gifted in culinary skills, hence no cookbooks in my library.
4. Select 1-3 recipes you will cook for your special guests.
I may have to skip this part and have somebody else take over the cooking
in hopes of not poisoning any of my guests.
5. What will we be drinking that's available?
Fresh blended juices that's in my refrigerator.
What I need to do is list down seven random things about lil' ol' me and here goes:

1. My first trip out of Asia was to Sydney, Australia in 2005.
2. I have danced with a stranger in a foreign country before, as stated in no 1.
3. I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend in Edinburgh.
4. He is actually six years younger than I am. Yes, you read that right...
5. We went on a Eurotrip last June, that was when we visited London, Rome, Venice, Florence, Paris, and Scotland, it was the happiest time of my life!
6. We are planning a second Eurotrip for next year and I'm to decide which part of Europe to go. But I can't make a choice because I can't choose one over the other! I need help!!
7. I just bought a skipping rope today in hopes of getting more exercise:P Let's cross our fingers!


In addition to the tags, I also received some awards from a few sweethearts,
Valencia of Roll Up Your Sleeve
and Ve from Know Ve Better

and another one from darling Rose of Roses r Red

Thank you girls!

Here's wishing all of you a wonderful "flower nymph" weekend:)


yiqin; said...

Wow, beautiful flowers :D

PinkBow said...

hope you feel better, i just got rid of my cold which lasted 3 weeks :(

Anonymous said...

oh this post is so beautiful dear, so magical ♥

Couture Carrie said...

What a gorgeous post, darling! The photos are exquisite, and your tags were so fun to read. Love your DVDs :)

Congrats on your awards!


tonia fashion tour said...

great post...amazing pictures...
and congrats for your awards..you deserve them

meraldia said...

Great shots, wow! Congrats for the awards!

Crystal Ball said...

I love how you are sweet and magical. The nymph photographs are gorgeous, as is the extract of the poem.

It was a pleasure reading your tags. You're lucky about going to Europe again next year!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo's! I love the ambiance, the way they look togheter... Gorgeous!

Love, E

My Passport to Style said...

So beautiful as ever Sher, thank-you for your support and look forward to seeing you at the My Passport to Style 5 day blogging event, staring Mon 5th 8am UK time, to raise awareness for smear testing! Sharon xxxx

iris said...

Oh Sher, reading your answers... I thought we are very simmilar! :)

Hope you feel better dear,

C. said...

Beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed reading these facts about you.

Dylana Suarez said...

Beautiful images, lovely words!

Great blog! I will def. be back!


Mina said...

The poem and pictures were simply amazing!

Lisa said...

Love love love these photos! So romantic and dreamy

Rose said...

Thanks for sharing those amazing photos!
It must be really hard being in a long distance relationship, my bf is 20min drive from me and thats hard enough lol. My bf is younger too, but only by 6 mths :)
The Eurotrip sounds like SO much fun! Something I hope to do some day too.
Hope you are feeling better soon :)


Sylvia said...

I'm in the middle of Amelie and enjoying it very much! And fresh blended juices sounds perfect right now. Feel better!

Farah said...

Gods, I am so so very jealous..another eurotrip? I so want in! XD

congrats in all the awards hun. xo

Gerri Ward said...

YOU solely DESERVE these FABULOUS AWARDS because Beneath The Crystal Stars is GLAM FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

congrats for the awards.perfect pics!

Anonymous said...

wunderful pics. i love the landscape and lovely nature photos

daisychain said...

Your photos are always so gorgeous, love this post.

Ash Fox said...

your poetry is stunning. the photos compliment it perfectly.



Syed said...

Those photographs are so stunning. Sooo wish I get to visit Australia one day! Congratulations on the awards :) Hope you're having a lovely weekend dear.

Anonymous said...

oh thankyou so much for your beautiful comment dear ♥

Mo said...

it's nice to learn more about you...we have a lot in common.... please come to Stockholm for your next trip !!

a b c chick said...

Beautiful photography!

Maria Confer said...

Gorgeous post. Love the poem in the beginning!!

Congratulations on your awards.


Linie Nguyen said...

Hey, it's me, Linie, I just wanna drop by 2 say hi & thank u 4 ur comment X

Ur blog hv beautiful fotos gal X

Brooke Michie said...

Beautiful photos. I, too, love Jane Austen. xx

Valencia Lia said...

I love love flowers and the poem is so sweet !

Congrats on your awards girl:)) And you freshly blend your juices? That's really so healthly.

Exciting that you're going on another trip soon.heeeeOhhhh do go visit Ireland or maybe Singapore which is where I am ! heeeee

Didn't know you are in a long distance relationship.It must be hard at times.And age doesn't matter at all when it comes to love <3

Miss Head Over Heels said...

What! A 2nd trip... So jealous. :)


Sophie said...

Congratulations on all your lovely awards, you deserve them! Loved reading all the answers to the questions and the random facts, so interesting!
Oh and the poem and photos at the begining are so sweet!xo

muchlove said...

Amazing photos! I love them all.

Carol said...

Great pics!!!


Nicola said...

these photos are lovely, they make me smile so much.
well done on your awards.

FrouFrouu said...

The Little Prince! Love!

Beautiful, beautiful images. Congratulations on your awards :)

LookingGlassGirl said...

I love the poem. The pictures go well with it too. Jane Austen novels are the best. There was a new adaptation of Emma in the UK last night. It was so good.
Oooh, Florence is amazing. I also visited there on a trip to Europe. You should go there again, or to another part of the UK. There's lots to see here.

Eliza said...

oh dear, your blog is so wonderful :) this was truly an inspiration to read and to see, because it really warms my soul up. magic. congratulations for the awards, and it was so lovely to read little facts about you :) much love <3

Patty Ann said...

oooo flower nymphs!!
i just saved all those pictures
they're so lovely
and delightfully
happy looking!!


Unknown said...

I also think The lovely Bones is one of the ebst books ever!!


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