January - June 2010: My favourite outfits

I can't believe we have only one day left for 2010! I've seen some other blogger did similar recap posts, so I thought it'll be fun to follow and pick my favourite outfits for each month of 2010 too. Here's the first half of the year in pictures.

 January saw the beginning of my leopard obsession, as you can see here!

For February, I decided to pair a lace dress with some lace tights, which surprisingly works pretty well I think.

 Possibly my most favourite outfit of all, this grey babydoll dress with sparkly tights which I love to bits.

 I had a bit of fun with my Victorian styled cameo brooch in April.

 For May, I wore my white lace dress with a tutu skirt underneath and topped it off with a bow-tied scarf! I'm still amazed that this picture actually got featured in elle.es!

In June, the boy and I headed to the beautiful island of Santorini for our annual getaway and basked under the warmth sunlight and seabreeze that it has to offer. Of course, this is also where the boy proposed to me one fine evening on a romantic sunset cruise!

I don't think I could have asked for a better first half of the year than this!
How about you? I want to know what is the most significant moment of 2010 for you
Stay tuned for the second half of this post!


Unknown said...

Very beautiful looks!!!


Jacque said...

All of these outfits are so amazing and lovely!! You are so pretty!! My favorite is the cream colored dress with royal blue jacket and shoes that you wore in May. I also love the lace dress with lace tights. So cute!! That is so exciting that your boyfriend proposed in June!! So happy for you!!

Rose said...

My favourite is the same as your favourite, love the dress and sparkly tights!
I had a terrible 2010, possibly the worst year of my life up until November. Mostly because of my dad being very very sick this year. But it ended with my good friend getting engaged and asking me to be a bridesmaid :)
Looking forward to your 2011 outfits Sher!


Imogen said...

I love your style Sher and its good to see all the beautiful outfits you have worn. I'm preparing a similar post for my blog at the moment too. Happy new year.

daisychain said...

you have such beautiful style x

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

March is definitely my favourite too, the dress and tights are so pretty! I want to find myself some sparkly tights! xxxxxxx

Sia said...

You look great in them all. I hope you have a great NYE. Love Sia xx

Vera said...

aw what a nice recap :) you are beautiful!
hehe your proposal must've been so dreamy. right out of a fairytale!

cheers to 2011,


Emily said...

Quite a fashionable year my dear! My favorite is January #2.

Emily said...

Quite a fashionable year my dear! My favorite is January #2.

Giovanna said...

Lovely post dear! I adore your outfits :)
Happy New Year! Hope you have an awesome 2011
Boho Market

The Mad Twins said...

These outfits are great indeed! I adore your style, it's actually very dreamy! You give much inspiration actually ^__^

and I wish you a Happy New Year already ^__^

From London & Paris

Unknown said...

i love the dress you are wearing in your January post! so cute!
happy new year!

Sweet said...

I had picked your favorite outfits and it is here in your review whehhehe!!!

wonderful 2010 Sher


un petit lapin said...

I think the babydoll dress is also my favourite. But I also love that Peter Pan collar dress from January and the lace outfit from February!

PS Happy new year!

Alex Edward said...

This is beautiful! I love the simple factor in this look!
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