Hi everyone! I’m so flattered Sher asked me to guest post on her gorgeous blog! This is my first time ever guest posting, so I hope I don’t fail too miserably!     
            It’s strange, how forgiving I am of the appearance of a woman. Unless a woman is hopelessly dressing horribly or as though she literally did not put any effort into herself at all, I tend to find each female I come across to be quite pretty, no matter the differing opinions of my male friends. I think it’s perhaps because I admire the individual traits each person brings to their natural appearance. No one person looks exactly the same, and I think that’s what I find so attractive. So, cheers to individuality and the beauty of a person!
            Here I’m listing a few of my favorite unique individuals that have come into the spotlight over the past few years. 

Who are your personal favorites? And what's your unique feature?

Much thanks to Samantha from Glitter and Lace for this lovely post. Oh, and some of my personal favourites are Audrey Tautou, Carey Mulligan, and Cate Blanchett!


Melissa~ said...

There are so many favourites, but I would stay with Audrey hepburn for ever.

Melissa~ said...
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Raptor Plateado said...

congratulation for appar on ELLE... see you my friend!!!

Sophie in the Sticks said...

Leona Lewis is stunningly beautiful :)

PinkBow said...

i love jane birkin, she is amazing.


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