Tights Please!

Being a big fan of tights, I jumped on the opportunity when Lauren from Tights Please offered to send me one of their tights for review. I was pleased to discover that their site offers a really large and diverse selection of legwear including tall stockings, holdups and white stockings. You name it, they have it!

I was sent this Henry Holland New York Citights which stole my heart the moment I saw its pattern, yes it's the Statue of Liberty! So quirky and unique, you'll be thrilled to know that it also comes with other pretty patterns like the Eiffel Tower for Paris and Hollywood for LA. I wish I had the Eiffel Tower one to wear when I visited Paris two summers ago! Now that I own the New York Citights, I will definitely have to wear them when my dream of visiting the Big Apple comes true. A girl can dream, right?
So I definitely recommend Tights Please as your number one destination if you have a need for all things hosiery, there's a whole host of other essential hosiery draw accessories.


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