Our home sweet home

 Our bedroom which is all in white, of course.
 I  my chandelierssssss!!
 Stuff to prettify oneself
 Couldn't resist another shot of Mr Bean's bear 
♥ It seems that all I've managed to fill my wardrobe with all these years are dresses and more dresses!
The wardrobe to safekeep said dresses 
♥ Even the blinds are white too! 
♥ Pretty white picture frames with postcards from all around the world adorning our dinner table wall.
 A favourite spot with our wedding unity candle 
 How cute are the kissing boy and girl salt and pepper shakers I bought from holland? 
Last but not least, our breakfast counter 

Hope you guys enjoyed the lil tour of our home. We've still a long way to go in decorating and so on, but it's been really really fun so far. I'm thinking of adding magenta and pink to our all white color pallete. Any luck that husband would agree with me on this? 


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