Oh happy day!

 Hello my dears! I'm back from a wonderful, fun-filled trip with the family in Seoul, Korea, where I found the loveliest lace cardi worn here btw. I haven't really had the time to sort out the holiday pics yet so they will have to come in the next post.

Well, I've been keeping a secret for quite some time now and I think it's time to share it on the blog. As you can see from the pictures above, I have a baby bump now! The boy and I are way ecstatic and we are so looking forward to meeting our lil munchkin!! I'm about 4 months along now and it's been extremely challenging dressing up the bump. But, I take it all gladly and am looking forward to feel the baby's first kick soon:)


Panty Buns said...

Your lace cardigan from Korea is beautiful and I love the tiered bodice of your lovely dress Please take very good care of yourself. I love empire waists and blouson styles - there are a lot of very pretty feminine clothes that you will look beautiful in and will make room for your little munchkin baby bump. I' happy that your time with family in Seoul was fun filled and wonderful. You look radiant and these photos are lovely. :)

Life's a shoe said...

such a pretty outfit! love your photos!

Corinne said...

I love this outfit! and wowoowowwoowowowwo congrats no the baby =) I hope you post regular updates. I do love a good baby/pregnancy blog so I am going to follow you =)

Corinne x

Seeking Style said...

Very lovely!

xo Jennifer


Unknown said...

you look super sweet in this outfit - nice white dress and textured cardigan. but i'm loving your bag the most! <3

check out my latest blog post featuring mixed outfits! :)

shella marselina said...

love your dress!
do you mind if following mine? :)http://girlonstreet.blogspot.com/


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