In reverie

Where have I been you asked? Glued to the korean drama, "My love from another star" or "You who came from the star" of course! The lead actress's costumes are just to die for, I may just have to watch it again purely to see her outfits :)


Panty Buns said...

You and your hubby look very fulfilled and happy. I love the setting there where you take your photos. I have never seen "My love from another star" but if you say "The lead actresses costumes are just to die for" I know it's true. You have fantastic fashion taste and I know if I saw the lead actresses costumes I would love them as well.

J said...

You look stunning.

I had a friend obsessed with Korean dramas and I sat through a few with her. They were fun.

Beauty Share It said...

lovely outfit!

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