Sunkissed in Venice

Okay, not really. More like sunburnt in Venice.
My feet now has a two-tone shade. Very attractive haha.
Anyway, Venice is so beautiful.
Filled with throngs of tourists everywhere, the city on the sea is just bustling with people.

I love the colourful shades of their building and it was just lovely
to walk around their tiny little lanes
Every bridge along the canal is unique and different.
Gondolas at almost every turn and shops filled with venetian masks.
One night, we even stumbled into a film production crew
shooting a scene in one of the streets.
The actors and actresses were all dressed in Victorian costumes.

It was lovely to watch them for a bit.
We also had the loveliest and costliest :P seafood meal there,
it was so good though!
I really wouldn't mind going back to Venice again:)

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Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Pretty dresses. Venice is at the top of the cities I want to see.


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