Day and Night

Had a double dose of Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette last weekend.
I am amazed with the stunning visuals and colour schemes that she incorporated in both movies,
though each were different as day and night.

The Virgin Suicides infused more of an earthy element and lovely play of sunlight and shadows while Marie Antoinette was pastel candy - coloured heaven with its stunning costumes and confectionery alike.
It is really hard to say which one I adore more.

I would also like to apologize for the images overload,
it's so hard to choose which ones to include!
They are all so very beautiful! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do:)

Let them eat cake!

"What we have here is a dreamer.
Someone completely out of touch with reality."

p.s. I think Kirsten Dunst never looked lovelier than in The Virgin Suicides, don't you agree?


Valencia Lia said...

Thanks for your question girl ! Will be answering to that really soon :)

And I love using the pullover as a dress. Glad I decided not to put on those leggings:)

Haven't seen those 2 movies,but seeing from the pictures ! It must be really good movies .

Pssst,I want to have a slice of the cakes too. Too beautiful <3

Lina said...

darling, you have good taste@

Anita Puksic said...

Wow, beautiful pics! I really need to watch these movies. Thank you (:

Peace and love!

Anonymous said...

wunderful post.

i love the both movies.

marie antoinette and her great lookings. kirsten dunst is wunderful.

Sophie said...

I love marie antoinette, such a good film and the dresses!! amazing! I havent seen the virgin suicides but i might have to check it out now. You picked gorgeous pictures for both. Thanks for stopping by my blog!xo

Anonymous said...
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yiqin; said...

OMG I love that movie! It is so amaizng.

The Girl With a Feather said...

Oh I love Marie Antoinette! The costumes look good enough to eat. I have yet to see The Virgin Suicides, but it looks really good! Thanks for sharing, I may have to watch it soon!

Clara Campelo said...

great ispiration. amazing pics. so cute!


Ninneta - MissPlum said...

i love both movies. The scenes are great. The colour, dress and everything.... And yes, I think Kiki's best performance is Virgin Suicide...

lotta love'


▲ FARRAH ▲ said...

Such a beautiful post! I really like all the images, makes me want to play dress up! :)


noura. said...

This images are insanely beautiful.

Love + Cake said...

I love both Kirstin Dunst and Sofia Coppola and they seem to work amazingly together!

Gorgeous stills <3

xox, mavi

we wear things said...

ooh i've seen marie antoinette many a time.. i have the dvd! but i still need to watch the virgin suicides... WUT? exactly. i need to get on that stat.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Two of my favorite movies!! I love Kirsten Dunst in Virgin Suicides more! She's perfect for the role! xxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I love Sofia Coppolla's works! I've seen the movie 'Marie Antoinette' about a thousand times and I love the ambiance, the colours and the storie. It's an amazing movie. The Virgin Suicides I've never seen, but after reading this, I totally will!
I also love the campaign of Miss Dior Chérie L'eau, which is directed by Sofia Coppolla too!

Love, E

Aya Smith said...

What a beautiful post! Sometimes I underestimate Kirstin's beauty... because she really is truly beautiful! Especially in pale shades and pastels like this.

Oh, as for your question... yes, my mother is Japanese :)

Rianna said...

what gorgeous images, i love kirstin she's awesome in a really un obviuos way. I love the film bring it on the most as it is so bad its BRILLIANT!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx

indigotangerine said...

haven't seen either of these yet as I have an aversion towards Kirsten Dunst. But these pictures are so pretty that I may have to try them. I love how they are similar but different, the same pale, warm tones, but in completely different settings. Thank you for sharing these images...

AsianCajuns said...

I loved the visuals in Marie Antoinette! I always want to wear pastels and eat macaroons all day after I watch that movie.

I have yet to see the Virgin Suicides. It's on my list!

Flashes of Style said...

Oooh I love marie antionette! so divine :)

COCOVANA said...

I loveee both movies! She really captured what France was all about in those days. And the virgin suicides was also amazing following that hippie natural vibe.

unfortunately I let a classmate borrow The Virgin Suicides and he never gave it back ):

xoxo anna

Cat* said...

Thank you for your comment!
I LOVE Marie Antoinette!!!
Your blog is really cute too :)

Sweets and Hearts said...

those are 2 of my favorite movies ever! sofia coppola is wonderful.

the virgin suicides is a little dark, but i still like it anyway. and marie antoinette was such a pretty movie--the costumes and sets were so nice to look at!


trishie said...

I really love those 2 movies too! Sofia Coppola such is a fantastic director

Lina said...

sorry i apologise.
i suffer from the sickness

lets be like awesome friendsss
i lovee youuuuu
omg i think maries best outfit was when she was in the field of grass in that cute white dress!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Love the movie-such visual feast!...Sophia Coppola is a genius!


Mo said...

i totally agree..... and Josh Hartnett never looked weirder lol

Charlotte said...

Hey thanks for commenting me! I love Kristen Dunst in the virgin suicides, those lace dresses.. and her off screen taste too..
Your blog is lovely :)

Bluukbob said...

such a lovely post..

i liked her in spiderman- that hair colour!! wow

Ela said...

Hi Sher,

So nice of you to stop by. Lar said way too many lies...err things about me :) Of course I wouldn't mind you adding me to your reading list, thank you. I'll be adding yours to mine because I'll definitely be back to read this lovely blog of yours!

I've yet to see Marie Antoinette, can you believe it? And these images are reminding me all over again why I NEED to see it.

Have a great day!
xx Ela

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Happy thursday to you!!

Such a beautiful post with so many beautiful pictures, Mmmmmh.. so delicous... I want these cakes ;)

The colors of all pictures are so stunning!

Have a wonderful relaxing day and week ahead!

Dani said...

i bought marie antoinette and STILL have yet to watch it! i really must... these stills are so beautiful. great post!

noura. said...

You're so sweet!
Thank you =)
Hahaha yeah you're right.
Most of my friends are using Farmville now. *sigh*

Patty Ann said...

i think im going to faint
everything is soooo ethereal
and romantic
and sweet
just like YOU!!!

Sher said...

Thank you for the sweet comments darling!

Mo, I agree, Josh Hartnett's wig was way off!!

Crystal Ball said...

Kristin Dunst is surely something else. The pictures you found of previous movies she acted in are wonderful.
& I agree, she looked amazing in The Virgin Suicides.

Anonymous said...

Marie Antionette has become one of my favorite movies, but I have yet to see The Virgin Suicides. I had no idea that Kirsten Dunst starred in it as well. Gotta check it out!

love said...

very fun items and details. I arrived here via.....oh well, I'll just say another blog since I forgot which it was. I'm a destination wedding photographer! I hope you'll check out the steampunk wedding I just photographed.


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