Strawberries and Cream

How many items does it take to make a toga dress?
The answer is 3!!
A one-shouldered top, a halterneck top worn as a skirt,
and a ribbon waist belt.

I must say I'm quite pleased with the results actually:)

I don't know about you,
but wearing the above colour combination somehow makes me crave for
some strawberries and cream!

Strawberries are my favourite fruit.
They are lovely to look at and so delicious to eat too!

Mmmmm, what is your favourite fruit?
Took a picture and thought I would share with you
these lovely picturesque coasters showing
different scenes of Paris that I bought at
Charles de Gaulle airport before I left last June.

I remember looking at the bf with pleading puppy eyes
the minute I spotted them on the rack.
Of course I would never use them as coasters,
I think it will make great decoration/wall pieces
for my future home when the time comes:)

What do you think? Do you lovelies adore them as much as I do?


Patty Ann said...

so so cuteeeee, you are sooooo cuteeeeee

also i really like strawberries too. i mentioned this one time to my friends that i liked strawberries, and everyone thought it was so funny for some reason, so now everyone always gives me little strawberry presents!!!

COCOVANA said...

yumm strawberries and cream. I love how styled your outfit! And I just made my links, you are the first one! ;)

xoxo anna

Little Bo Peeep said...

Awww that skirt is so pretty, it's like a present!

And yes i love anything strawberries, form ice cream, cakes and the fruit itself <3 YUM!
I like Watermelons and Kiwi too. Their tasty and has got lovely colours to them :)

Miss said...

aww, the outfit is adorable! Mt fav's are blueberries, I love how you get black teeth from them!

Oh this reminds me, i have ice cream. I'm going to go eat it now!

Gia said...

So sweet!

Eva said...

Wow, stunning. How come I wasn't following you already? :)

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there,you look so sweet just like your fab strawberry picks and fun idea with the toga, you go girl! Sharon xox,

Mo said...

woooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa GEORGOUS !!!!!!!!! i want one !!

do i really need to answer the fruit question ? ;-)

Anonymous said...

halterneck top as skirt? very creative!! great mix n match :D

o, n my fave fruit's raspberries :)

Miss Jeanett said...

Wow, that is so pretty!!


konstantine said...

ouh, i just ADORE this.

Vicki said...

I love your Paris header and coasters!! Ive just posted a few photos of my trip to Paris! I had such a great time such a lovely city! Lovely outfit too! :)
my fav fruit would be red grapes or passionfruit! xx

Unknown said...

Love your outfit, it's so sweet! x

Lina said...

you look so darling!
i lovee your skirt,
you look so chic!

S.Elisabeth said...

Cute, what a good idea, it looks perfect! My favorite fruits are definitely strawberries =) They are so delicious; I just had chocolate covered ones!

Maria Confer said...

WOW, I love that top as a skirt. You look fabulous!

Yummm, I love strawberries and cream.

P.S. I sent you a special email! ;)

Valencia Lia said...

Adorable outfit you did combining 3 pieces of clothing to make a toga dress !

And the halterneck top as a skirt is clever girl !

Ohhh strawberries I love them:) And those coaster are so beautiful I wouldnt even want to use them.

Ohhh my favourite fruit would have to be any kind of berries !

Frank&Rémy said...

So cute! Love that outfit!

Couture Carrie said...

How gorgeous is this post? Love all these photos, especially your creation ~ will have to try that ribbon belt!


Patty Ann said...

P.S. would you like to exchange links????? obviously i loovvvvvvvveeee your blog and your all around cuteness, and i've already added you to my blog roll :)

Sophie said...

This outfit is lovely, i adore the ribbon waistbelt, so cute! I agree with you that the paris coasters are too cute to be used as coasters! xo

Laia said...

awww what a sweet comment you left in my blog, thank you!

You are so cute! and all these pics are definitely gorgeous, and what about the ones in Versailles in you previous entry??? They're all perfect (L) I was in Versailles a month ago (you can find the pictures under the discoverin' the world tag in my blog) but it wasn't a perfect day at all! It rained and we didn't know that the palace would be closed on Monday so we could only visit the gardens :(

Unknown said...

I love strawberries - and your outfit!

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Indy said...

I totally love your blog! You are sooo pretty with a great eye for style! I am totally following you!

Tori said...

Cute dress and blog. =)
I love strawberries. My parents call my Strawberry sometimes! haha.

Unknown said...

you are def right. that outfit looks so yummy.

i love the toga top.

Viva La Fashion said...

i know what you mean about the strawberries. :) you look so cute in the red.

and thanks for all the strawberry pics. they're just the thing to make me hungry. :)

Dani said...

you look beautiful! those desserts are making me hungry... and i adore your paris coasters. how pretty! said...

Cute top, Eli!


Anonymous said...

You look so adorable in that outfit! I looove the skirt so much, and the red top matches perfect with it! Awesome how you match them with strawberries! I totally agree with you that you should use those paris coasters not as coasters, because they're lovely!

Love, E

Amelia said...

Lovely top! The color looks gorgeous on you. Oh great, now I have a serious strawberry craving... :)

Anonymous said...

the red one shoulder is so simple, classic, and chic
you look flawless and beautiful

check out my blog @

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, you look absolutely gorgeous, simple yet classy and sexy. I love the shirt and the belt together, simply divine. The berries made me crave them as well.

Have a wonderful week darling

Love & Hugs
Duchess xoxoxo

Eri said...


Just ccame across you blog and really enjoyed.

Please come and visit mine too, is a fashion inspired by Portobello Road, London.

Hope you like it and hope to see you soon.

thelittledeer said...

lovely! yes i see the connection there with strawberries and cream. yummm!


Darrah said...

I'm a big fan of one-strap tops right now. This look is so sweet. It does sort of remind me of strawberries and cream! Yumm...

SHIZUKA said...

aw what a cute outfit! yes it does make me crave for some juicy strawberries! lv the pics u found too they look so pink n cute haha x

Shantee said...

so pretty :) :)
i love strawberries too because they're so pretty to look at hahah

Taylor Sterling said...

wow such a lovely skirt

Rose said...

I must say i LOVE your skirt, its so pretty and feminie.


Sylvie said...

So cute! The outfit is so great on you, and I like the strawberries/cream inspiration! The coasters are so amazing...I love scenes from Paris.


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