Hidden Treasures

It's the little, hidden treasures in life that makes it worth living.
A gentle smile to come home to at the end of a long, hard day.
A hug that somehow shoos the cloudy skies away
and makes the sun shiny and bright again.
A kind word from someone you least expected.

It is the sweetest feeling in the world when you discover unexpected treasures
in the most unlikely of places.
But if you blink just a second too long, you might just miss the treasure altogether.

"The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed;
The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures,
Whose charms were broken if revealed" Charlotte Bronte

We can only be said to be alive in those moments
when our hearts are conscious of our treasure - Thornton Wilder

Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure: where your treasure, there your heart;
where your heart, there your happiness - Saint Augustine

The secret of a happy life isn't buried in a treasure chest...
it lies within your heart - Author Unknown

Real treasure lies not in what that can be seen,
but what that cannot be seen - Author unknown

What are the little, hidden treasures you discover today?

Took these pictures over the weekend with my brand new
Nikon D3000 (much thanks to my darling bf whose gallivanting in Spain now) !
It's truly a dream come true, I'm so thankful for my treasure of a bf

Thank you so much to all who took the time to comment
and for following!
I will try to reply all your comments by tomorrow, I promise:)


Farah said...

wow wow! nice camera! the bf bought it for you? You lucky lucky girl! ;)

Well, make sure the bf gets you an awesome souvenir from Spain as well! hihihi

Taylor said...

Those quotes are beautiful. Thank you.
Today forward, I am going to stop and treasure myself more. Only then will I be able to treasure others.

PinkBow said...

congrats on the new camera! lovely shots!

un petit lapin said...

You always make such sweet posts.
I enjoyed the quotes you used.
And the photos are lovely!
The D3000 is the camera I've been planning to buy.
Would you recommend it then?

Libertad said...

Your boyfriend is in Spain now? What a thing! I just moved to Barcelona! The truth is that the photos are very romantic, I love the fairy figures ... and you come out beautiful, as always!

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Sher, adorable shoes and dress! Sharon xx

lolly-jolly said...

oh my god the ring, the shoes and the other jewels are awesooome!!! :)))) incredible beautiful!

Indy said...

Those blue shoes are fantastic on you!

I love the fairies! You are so creative!

Tights Lover said...

You took some great photos. And I love the blue shoes!!

Melissa~ said...

You're so right, we can find this treasures all the time, we just have to pay atention.
Gorgeous photos, great camera! that shoes are amazing! and your outfit is lovely.
Thank you for visit my blog!

Kristin said...

These are incredibly beautiful photos!

Love + Cake said...

Such a cute dress. Great photos, too :)

Where is the dress from, if you don't mind me asking?

Maria Confer said...

Your dress is a dream and those pictures are so creative. I love the concept!!


Mina said...

Love the poem and pictures, as always!

indigotangerine said...

such a lovely dress! I like how you matched your ring to the flowers, it's so pretty.

Rose said...

Aww those fairies are so sweet. And I love your dress and flower ring, so pretty.
It looks like your bf bought you a wonderful camera!


Laura said...

Aren't you just a breath of fresh air! I love your blog sweetie. Come stop by for a slice of San Francisco and tell me your thoughts about what to wear in Vegas =)

. s h e r r y * said...

CUTE shoes! I love the colour and the detail on the back.

Amy P. said...

Aw congrats on your new camera! :} I loved your little themed post about hidden treasures. Your ring and your outfit are lovely.

Mmm, and thanks for you comment on my blog!

Annie said...

love this post.
the shoes are gorgeous!

love annie, xx
i've followed you and linked you :):)

The Fierce Berry said...

wow, beautiful ring!

alineaimee said...

you and your blog are really cute!


Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Such pretty pictures! Loving your dress and the blue heels!

daisychain said...

Gorgeous pictures and I adore your dress x

Lauretha Sudjono said...

loving this fairy post. Your dress is adorable. i love it.

Arushi Khosla said...

Those shoes are absolutely sinful.
They're stunning.

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!
Love your look, especially those fabulous shoes!


Stéphanie said...

Oh ! Marvellous !

street angel said...

Beautiful photos..I love the dress!

LookingGlassGirl said...

The pictures and quotes are so pretty.

Mila said...

Stunning photosssssss

Unknown said...

This post is so cute - it made me smile!

love your dress.

For all things fashion:

Mo said...

such an adorable way of displaying those little treasures !! you look great in that dress, and those shoes are beautiful !!!

Eva said...

<3 <3 <3


Patty Ann said...

wow that was so cute
i totally just saved that picture with the little earrings hanging from the branches. its soooo darling, and such a creative background for jewelry! your soooo cute as always, lovely lovely lovely!!!


A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

Lovely treasures! Lovely shoes! Lovely ring! Great photos you have with that new camera!

Frou Flu said...

thank you for the comment on my blog!:) i've been planning on getting a d3000 too. how is it?

Miss Head Over Heels said...

You're super lucky girl!!! Don't ever let him go. so thoughful of him. I'm sure he bought the camera because he knows you love photography so much.

I'm so jealous. where can I find one like that?

Anyway, that's a lovely dress.


debra@dustjacket said...

Oh hi honey, I just love your photo's. I really want fairies in my garden now. Seriously I'm going to hide them in the bushes.

You look cute in those gorgeous shoes!

Beth said...

Congrats on the camera, and lucky you. Love the dress and the earrings are really lovely.

Valencia Lia said...

Ahhhhhh,i'm jumping up and down screaming !! You got the Nikon D3000 !!
Awwwww,really so so sweet of your boyfriend to get you that :) And I'm happy for you that you have someone so great in your life.

I wanted to buy that at 1st too,but its way out of my budget:(

You must be having lots of fun with your new gadget . Woooohoooo~

Gorgeous close up photos ! And I really love your dress and heels <3 <3

Beautiful flower ring tooo.

Becky Tjandera said...

those pics are just lovely ! nice shoots :D and why don't you be a writer ? you always have a nice thing to say on your blog :) oh that dress is so lovely !

Becky Tjandera said...

ow sorry i forgot to tell you , i've linked your blog !

Vera Liane Rea said...

You post is just sweetness. :) Loving the outfit n the way you took each detailed photo of what made your outfit up :) Amazing.

Btw I've added you on my blogroll. Hope you dont mind :)

XoXo Vera :)

Lilian Larrañaga said...

Ohh, I'm in love with this dress! So cuuute! You're adorable.. :)


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