Rose hued eyes

You love the roses - so do I. I wish
The sky would rain down roses, as they rain
From off the shaken bush. Why will it not?

Then all the valley would be pink and white
And soft to tread on.
They would fall as light
As feathers, smelling sweet; and it would be
Like sleeping and like waking, all at once!
- George Eliot

If you had not picked it up by now, I have a thing for roses.
And that explains all kinds of assorted rose jewelry lying on my dressing table.
I also love receiving bouquet of roses (and actually all kind of flowers).
Last year was the first year I had to celebrate my birthday without my bf
and I was feeling quite sorry for myself
In fact, I was nasty and in the foulest mood ever
while chatting with him on skype the night before.

So imagine my amazement and bewilderment when the florist
delivered the prettiest bouquet of white roses in the morning.

I was totally surprised and so touched that it brought tears to my eyes.
To think he had actually ordered the flowers online from Edinburgh some time ago.

I was so happy that day, it's silly really how a bouquet of roses can bring you such joy!

Do you have a sweet story to share of receiving pretty bouquets of flowers?

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I love roses and so does my mom. What girl doesn't, right?!

Marie said...

Lovely, lovely blog post! Gorgeous outfit and images.

Allie said...

Your story is so precious. It just brings the greatest joy to your day, doesn't it?

My boyfriend had to go out of town for his job a couple of months ago, and when he returned, he surprised me with yellow roses. :)
I dried them, and I keep them in a clear jar shaped like a kitty. :)

Unknown said...

Fabulous! I love seeing pops of red in an outfit. :)

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Sher, roses must be your namesake as you are so femmine and soft like a rose.My favourite image the 2nd to last! Soo romantic so Im happy!Thanks for your lovely comments. Sharon xxxooo

Unknown said...

i love your posts, they always make me smile. those shoes are fab!

For all things fashion:

Giovanna said...

This is such an adorable post!! I love it :)
I always get inspired by the photos you post!
I'm following your blog now and I have you on my blogroll as well. Thanks for following me and for your lovely comments that make me smile!
❉ ✿ ✿ ❉ ♥

Tights Lover said...

I love this post. So many colors!
...already got you on my blogroll ;-).

Marie Claire said...

This is a lovely post. Roses are beautiful flowers that, in my opinion, can never be out of fashion! :)

Anonymous said...

cute items,
cute outfit,
cute photos! ^^

Mo said...

oo i love every single items ! you look so pretty !!

well..on september 28th , i had had a bad day at work and älskling was waiting for me outside work with a Sun flower and raspberries. LOVELY.

Delance Fashion said...

Cute outfit! love the shoes :D

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a gorgeous post. I kinda wish a certain someone would bring me roses right now!

Flashes of Style said...

Aww your ring is so cute! It goes quite nicely with all of the florals :)

Maria Confer said...

I love roses, too!! Your pink bag is so lovely and all those photos are gorgeous.

What a sweet boyfriend you have!! I haven't gotten flowers in so long.

Anonymous said...

Cute blog!

I've added you to my blog roll, take a look if you want!

Thanks for visiting The Drifter and the Gypsy, don't forget to add me to your blog roll and follow me!

Hope all is well,

Anonymous said...

i'll definitely love to be included in your blogroll! :)

Anonymous said...

a bouquet of white roses~~how preetty!! i never get to celebrate my bday with my bf, cos mine's in jan & i'm usually back in s'pore for the hols. but he did log onto a singapore florist webby & made an online order... the roses were a deep red :)

i remember the 1st time i received flowers frm him was when i ignored him for couple days. he immediately made an online flower delivery. i was working @ my parents' firm then & was totally shocked to receive the bouquet! my colleague thot her bf had sent them to her & was so disappointed. she asked loudly "who's liling (my chinese name)"?

then my mum took over the bouquet & she was so cute. she said in a very concerned voice: "who sent flowers to my daughter?" N then she went "who's junting (bf's chinese name)"? (my mum wasnt very updated abt the details between me & him then)

i was...THE LAST PERSON to get my hands on that bouquet that was... meant for me! ;D

R. said...

I ♥ Roses! And they mean a lot to me right now. I think this post is my sign today. It's in a recent post in my blog → An Almost Answered Prayer

Your shoes are pretty! I have this fixation on the color RED.Ü

I would of course love to exchange links with you. This is my link:

Jordan said...

Roses are the best! I agree! I love your rose ring, so very chic! And recieving white roses? Tooo cute!

Have a great day!

Valencia Lia said...

I love love love roses so so much !!! And adore your mini rose ring:)

Beautiful dress to go along with those heels! So girlish chic<3 <3

Awwww,and such a sweet thing what your boyfriend did. And I bet you must be really shocked and happy to at that time.

Last year,my boyfriend couldn't celebrate Vday with me(due to army here in SG) and I was so upset!

But then when I when to his home to get something,I saw a huge bouquet of roses on the table and a sweet note.
And my heart melted at that very moment!!

Beautiful photos of all those roses,so romantic feeling in me now .heeeee

Ohhh love is in the air ~ And yes,I'll try to go for a spa this weekend or maybe yoga. hahaha

And enjoy your spa girl ! So relaxing always <3 <3

Diane said...

i love that pink floral ring. so cute!

Faux Naif said...

aww, you look so pretty! thanks for the kind comment! also - your shoes. that is all. they require no verbs or adjectives. they just ARE.

Brooke Michie said...

Such pretty pictures. I do love roses...and most things of that hue. :) xx

Miss Head Over Heels said...

Hi girl! I have the same ring but in black color. It's so pretty. Anyway, the shoes you're wearing reminds me of Chinese traditional shoes, back in the olden days. very pretty.

anyway, it would be great if you put up my link below:-

Lilian Larrañaga said...

Ohh, what a cute dress! I'm in love with your clothes! :)

Kristin said...

Your detail shots are absolutely stunning....I love all of the roses....gorgeous!

muchlove said...

I love roses! and you look so pretty in your rose outfit :)

Emily Cato said...

I don't mind at all, thank you. :)

Also, I've always loved roses! I also LOVE that dress. This post just warmed my insides and made me smile, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Those roses are just gorgeous, lucky girl! I love to buy flowers for myself, if anything. You're right -- they do something to uplift one's mood. Happy Friday to you, Sher!

Farah said...

wow your bf is really something! and that was so sweet of him to actually do that from thousands of miles away. What is he studying and how many years more does he have there? xoxo

Little Monarch said...

lovely sweet words from george eliot. i love the feeling of sleeping and waking at the same time. that magical moment when you first wake up in the morning but are still half sleeping. thats when the best ideas are developed I think.

roses are beautiful I love tulips. Sadly I have never recieved flowers from a sweetheart but when I was in hospital I recieved dozens and dozens!

Sobinique said...

I love roses as well! Beautiful pictures! So sweet of your boyfriend to send you roses!

Annie said...

LOVE the chanel bag,
and those flowers are quite pretty!

love annie <3

Rose said...

Your outfit is so cute, such gorgeous shoes, and i love the little jacket.
I love scented roses the most, ive never actually received a boquet of roses before. Receiving flowers is always lovely, i bought myself some yellow iris the other day :)


daisychain said...

everything is so pretty and girly. Love it.

Audrey Allure said...

aww that's such a sweet story <3
one time my boyfriend came by surprise on an ordinary day & gave me a bouquet of different types of flowers & said "i love you" for the first time. but your story is so much more romantic <3 haha

btw, love your outfit!

Becky Tjandera said...

great items you have dear ! love pink and red . those colors are so girly and cute :) oh roses are beautiful ! i don't have any rose items . think will buy one . and that's so sweet of your boyfriend ! i wish i have a boyfriend as romantic as yours . haha . and what a lovely dress you wore !

have a nice weekend !

Melissa Blake said...

What beautiful roses! And I looove your blog!

Libertad said...

Your posts are always so magic, Sher!! I really love them! And you look beautiful, of course :)

Julia mode said...

lovely style =)


Melissa~ said...

well, I have your blog in my favourites already.

Roses are gorgeous, I never received a bouquet, but my mom does. They're so gorgeous.

your bag and your shoes are so lovely!
Thanks for visit my blog!

LookingGlassGirl said...

I love your dress x

Ela said...

Missed you, deary! These images are all so lovely, every single one.
How sweet that he ordered those roses sometime ago, that is lovely :)

I love when S comes home with them, and it just so happens he does so when I've had a tough day.

Happy weekend!

C. said...

Awww, I really enjoy reading the story about your last birthday and the bouquet that your boyfriend bought for you. - When my boyfriend and I started dating, when he came to visit me for the weekend, he would show up at my day every morning with a yellow rose. It was so sweet and totally made my day.

I really like this post. The pictures of roses are so beautiful and your outfit is also lovely. I hope you have a good weekend.

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

What a sweet post! I love roses {tulips, daffodils, peonies, orchids, lilys, on and on...} too! Have a whimsical weekend! And, thanks bunches for always leaving lovely comments on GirlWhimsy.

Elena_Valeriote said...

Beautiful post... Love the pictures of the roses. I just adore flowers... And while I prefer them out in nature as they should be, I can't say I wasn't smiling when I was given a single red rose last night by a friend.

Unknown said...

Sweet wee story! I love roses too - the lavender ones are my particular favourite because they're such an unusual colour. You look adorable as always, lovely.

Anonymous said...

its unbelievably beautiful. they are stunning pictures.

Eliza said...

i'm so deeply in love with roses too, dear, all kinds of roses :) i loved all these photos you posted. and your story is so sweet, almost incredible, truly! the loveliest thing about roses that happened to me was when a complete stranger gave me a red rose on the while i was walking on the street, with a huge smile on his face. it was heart warming. much love ♥

iris said...

you are beautiful as usual darling!
I'd love to exchange links, I don't have a blog roll yet but I hope I can do it this week-end with my fav blogs and you'll definitely be on it. :)
xx from madrid!

yiqin; said...

I want your bag! Pretty please? :D

PinkBow said...

i do love roses, great selection of pics. i would love to exchange links, will add you right now!

Manju said...

i love this post! i simply adore roses.
your bf is so sweet ^^ that's such an adorable gesture
i would love to exchange links darling

Gia said...

Ohh, so cute!Love these photos and your story!
I am officially a new follower, hehe:)


Duchess of Tea said...

Hello darling, I will start this comment by telling you how much I have missed you these past few weeks. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and prayers. I am one lucky girl to have you as a friend; you truly are the gem in my teacup. I am slowly easing my way back into blogging and can’t wait to stroll around your blog to see what I have missed.

I truly missed you luv
Love & Hugs

Unknown said...

I love roses... I love flowers of any sort really!
My gorgeous boyfriend had the most colourful bunch of flowers delivered to my door step just this week simply because he missed me!! Nothing beats that feeling!


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