A peachy kind of love

Peach is a colour that I long to add more of in my wardrobe, so I was so happy to receive this peachy collared top from Seamstheory. Obviously, I also can't get enough of collared shirts, I think they're an absolute necessity to every girl! And as soon as I saw this top, I knew instantly how I want to wear it, a simple outfit made out of a sparkly black skater skirt, tights and my collar necklace to tie it all together. Well, to be honest, the baby bump definitely limit my choices and creativity at the moment but post-baby I'm sure the possibilities will be endless!


J said...

That top is so cute. :) You look beautiful, as always.

Sweet said...

Hi babe, I just heard that you are pregnant. I am so happy for you... I cannot believe that you will be a mom soon, I know you are going to be a perfect mom and stylish mom as well.


Anonymous said...

lovely necklace x

Unknown said...

sweet & lovely outfit :)


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